30 July 2011

New Tottenham Hotspurs Kits !

Hello lads, i am back ! Lamanyaaa tak update blog. Last update aku tgk 19 July,and sekarang dah 30 July. HAHA. Gila lama aku tak update kan. Dah berhabuk dah blog aku nii. By the way, this is the latest Tottenham Hotspur jersey ! Take a look lads. And now they also you can see Aurasma in this new kit. It means, Spurs got new sponsorship ! haha. Before this, Autonomy was the main sponsorship for Tottenham kit. 

1. Away

2. Home

3. 3rd Jersey

4. Goalkeeper Jersey

Hee :) Why 3rd jersey is not make as home jersey? It looks even better.

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