18 June 2011

Football Manager 2011 My Best Tactics 4-4-2

Hey guys,im back with new tactics ! These tactics i totally guarantee will work nicely in your team. You control possesion,ball and it shows in scoreline. I also reduce long shot as possible as i hate teams rely on long shot too much. For Goalstorm tactic i pick from Youtube. There are tutorial there,and it works for most of the team in FM11.
Click this link for Goalstorm !

Besides that,i also give you tactic which give your team opportunity to play similar like Barca and Arsenal. Seriously,after match your opponent's manager team will praise you have a good team which has passing ability that should behold. Plus,every match you can control 60%-70% despite the bad result(if). From here,you can watch your team invisible during the match.In addition,you can beat a good team otherwise. Your team hold up ball very well,each pass connects well and also do with your crossing. But,you must have a good player which has good passing ability in your midfield as Barca and Arsenal do. And do put your poacher which have good attribute in acceleration,strength,off the ball,pace and most important part is highly work rate. This tactic is highly recommended. Try it on guys ! haha
Click this link for Barca Arsenal Style !

*p/s:i also need a feedback. It will be a great if you would like to share something with me.

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