08 October 2011

Berhenti Blogging

Hello readers :(

  1. I am realy sorry. I have to stop blogging. Maybe in couple of weeks or months. I don't know. We'll see.
  2. I really need to stop for a while. I need to revive my career back on track.
  3. I love blogging,i really love my blog and also you guys. 
  4. You guys are pretty awesome,make wonder in my blog and somehow beaming me a smile everyday.
  5. I think you won't able to reach my blog someday.Kbai

best regards,


Hunnym Syot 美智子 said...

okey. bye.
sedey :(

niazis said...

hmm..huhu..k, take care. :(

Miss Dolce and Gabbana said...

hey.Don't be sad.Anytime kalau you update of course we all akan singgah baca.Anyway nice to meet you.Take care yeah! xD

mr.dinie said...


Zul Fattah said...

ok bro.. aku pham

Namee Roslan said...

em takpela kalau blog ni menganggu mission awak in track. patut stop sebentar. hehe focus dulu di tapak kita berpijak. sy pun tak lama lagi dah busy study..dan akan stop..mungkin.

Syazwan Che Deraman said...

aku busy.
bloggig bila betul betul free je.

take care.
dahulukan yang mana penting dulu ok!

Bilal binti Robah said...

good luck.
may Allah bless u,dude